Internet Healthcare Marketing Capabilities

If you are wanting to move your healthcare marketing more online, understand social media, and want to lower your cost-per-lead for patient referrals or service line business, Internet Healthcare Marketing 2.0 strategies are what you need.

We move healthcare marketing into the digital age.

What we provide:

  • Comprehensive Analysis of your current strategies, creative, media placement, and budget
  • Comprehensive online healthcare consumer behavioral and contextual search strategic development
    • Ad Retargeting - We can have your brand move with your target audience.
    • Phone Tracking - Track the results of Pay-Per-Click campaigns by capturing call data that is forwarded to your main business line
    • Reputation Monitoring - We can review all the sites that are evaluating your service and quality of care and tell you what is being said with recommendations how to fix turn negative impressions into loyal patients
  • One-on-One comprehensive strategic planning with our board certified healthcare executive and former hospital administrator
  • One-on-One definition of your healthcare consumers, by service line, healthcare needs, and desire for online information
  • Analysis and recommendations for ON and OFF page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Design and creation of Pay-Per-Click value add campaigns to reach online healthcare consumers
  • Set-up, design, and syndication of all social media efforts with customized reporting, so you know exactly what is being said about your office, hospital, or clinic. And showing how social media impacts SEO
  • Researching and writing White Papers, blogs, and social media content
  • Off-site marketing department capabilities
  • Marketing department consulting and role fulfillment

Healthcare Marketing 2.0 Growth Strategies

Healthcare communication is changing. The very model with which  we receive healthcare services in America is being revolutionized through healthcare reform. Regardless of your political persuasion, how we pay for healthcare and how we receive care has changed. Reform is a mandate for our economic survival in a global economy. We know this. Our leaders in Washington understand this as do our state and county leadership. As a direct result, healthcare consumers, all of us, are demanding more from our doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies when it comes to information and communication.

This is why it is time for Healthcare Marketing 2.0 Growth Strategies. Traditional means of advertising and marketing are not getting the job done. It is time for change.