Internet Healthcare Strategic Marketing Consulting

Deb Bolner Prost, MBA

Debbie Bolner Prost's career has spanned the advertising, marketing, and statistical data fields sprinkled with entrepreneurship in new products, distribution and e-commerce. Debbie's professional area of expertise includes strategic marketing consultation, consulting on Quality Management issues and processes, statistics, and marketing research, and customized media and communications analysis and applications. She started the innovative syndicated study Target SA in 1985 - now in its 27th year. She has moderated over 1,750 focus groups in her career. Her category experience includes healthcare, tourism, financial services and products,  package goods (food and beverage) and restaurants. Prost is very involved in the community, philanthropy, and has received many advertising and marketing accolades over the years.

Patrick Riley, MBA, MHA, CHE

For the past 15 years our CEO, Pat Riley, has been immersed in healthcare marketing and advertising. He has started and successfully led healthcare marketing departments in two of the largest advertising agencies in the southwest. His graduate training is in healthcare administration and he is a board certified healthcare executive. He has extensive experience working in the business of healthcare having been a former hospital COO, VP of Marketing and Sales for a Medicare Advantage plan, VP of Sales for a commercial health insurance and Medical Advantage plan, and most recently as COO of a large full-service communication firm where he created a healthcare marketing capability focusing on Web 2.0 disciplines such as SEO, social media for healthcare, interactive media, pay-per-click, and conversion models for healthcare companies. Because of Mr. Riley’s background, education, and experience he can immediately understand your healthcare business model and interface with senior leadership to impact change and bring about a paradigm shift in your strategic thinking when it comes to healthcare marketing.

Healthcare Marketing 2.0 Growth Strategies

Healthcare communication is changing. The very model with which  we receive healthcare services in America is being revolutionized through healthcare reform. Regardless of your political persuasion, how we pay for healthcare and how we receive care has changed. Reform is a mandate for our economic survival in a global economy. We know this. Our leaders in Washington understand this as do our state and county leadership. As a direct result, healthcare consumers, all of us, are demanding more from our doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies when it comes to information and communication.

This is why it is time for Healthcare Marketing 2.0 Growth Strategies. Traditional means of advertising and marketing are not getting the job done. It is time for change.