Internet Healthcare Marketing Services

Automated Healthcare Marketing 2.0 Growth Strategies can very quickly evaluate your current strategic intent for healthcare communications and understand where you desire to take your present business model. Whether it is to move more emphasis to an online presence or better comprehend what online healthcare consumers are looking for from you, we can help. Or, if your desire is to remain working in a conventional general market media strategy, we can assist in better media planning and placement based on where today’s healthcare consumers engage television, radio, print, and out-of-home messaging.

Understanding Healthcare Reform

Let us help you digest the mountain of change coming from both state and federal agencies and help you interpret what it means for your particular business model.

Evaluation of your Current Communication Model with Your Patients

Whether you are a primary care office, tertiary care medical group, rural hospital, or a large health system, we can show you how to evaluate how healthcare consumers, your patients, want to receive information from you, what social media they use, where they search online for healthcare news and information, and how to manage all traditional, digital, and social media communication.

Teach You How to Work with Your Ad Agency for Better Results

Times have changed, as we mentioned, and so too has efficiencies and effectiveness for working with your ad agency or public relations firm. How do you best use their services? And what is a fair price to pay and how to get out from under costly monthly retainers? Or, if you are looking to solicit a request for proposal (RFP) for an ad agency / PR firm, we can help you draft the RFP and coach you through the selection process.

Help you Manage Resources in an Era of Healthcare Reform and Budget Cuts

Very few CMOs in healthcare today are enjoying an increase in their budget pro forma. Yet, more and more is being asked of them, be it a new Website, social media expansion, patient satisfaction surveys, on and on. Let us help you define priorities, match resources with your demand, and remove the burden of overseeing a fast-moving many faceted communication’s model by acting as bona fide marketing department assets for a fraction of the cost of full-time employees or ad agency retainer.

Providing Leadership

We can provide assistance in presenting to your board, community leaders, medical staff, and employees helping you effectively establish your priorities as a CMO with the solid research and statistics needed to get the point across. We can facilities retreats, focus-groups, host conferences, whatever you do not have time to do, we can provide the professional means to get the job done for you.

Healthcare Marketing 2.0 Growth Strategies

Healthcare communication is changing. The very model with which  we receive healthcare services in America is being revolutionized through healthcare reform. Regardless of your political persuasion, how we pay for healthcare and how we receive care has changed. Reform is a mandate for our economic survival in a global economy. We know this. Our leaders in Washington understand this as do our state and county leadership. As a direct result, healthcare consumers, all of us, are demanding more from our doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies when it comes to information and communication.

This is why it is time for Healthcare Marketing 2.0 Growth Strategies. Traditional means of advertising and marketing are not getting the job done. It is time for change.