Market Research

We are a comprehensive marketing data firm who knows and understand marketing research (primary and secondary; qualitative and quantitative). We expertly apply the most efficient and effective methodologies and sampling plans to gather the data, process it, analyze it and report the results and implications. Simply, we ascertain the data you desire to enable yo to make the integrated marketing communications and management decisions needed to propel your business forward. We have over 30 years' experience working with key industry and  Fortune 500 companies providing scientific-based, statistically significant research findings along with subjective consumer insights across a broad spectrum of service, CPG, tourism, and healthcare related business organizations. Some of the types of studies we have undertaken include: Get the online consumer answers / insight that you need to make informed decisions regarding:
  • Attitude and Awareness
  • New Product and Packaging Development
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Pricing Elasticity
  • Process-Improvement Measurements
  • Econometric Assessments
  • Branding and Product Positioning
  • Feasibility and Forecasting
  • Advertising Testing
  • IHUT - In Home Usage Tests
  • Employee Satisfaction and Leadership