Quality Orientation

Prost Marketing has a methodical approach to ensure the project has a quality orientation throughout. For a project to be successful, there must be a clear understanding of the:
  • Decisions to be made with the data from the research project
  • Definition of a qualified respondent and the incidence rates to obtain the desired respondent
  • Demographic, lifestyle, or other quotas needed
  • Methodology to be used, or hybrid approach
  • Sample size needed to achieve the statistical significance required
  • Complexity of the instrument, use of visual stimuli
  • Depth of the report
  • Use of Spanish language
Prost Marketing uses only the very best partners in the industry, depending on the need of the client:
  • Full-service focus room suites (secure and confidential private client viewing areas, as needed)
  • Audio-visual services - streaming, conferencing, recording
  • Real-time transition if needed
  • State-of-the-art call centers