Qualitative Research Capabilities and Experience

If you need to find out what is going on in the “heart” of your consumer or the “Why” they chose your brand, what motivated them to take action, and what types of communication led them to you, then you need to use qualitative research techniques. For over 30 years Debbie Bolner Prost has designed such market and consumer research projects and studies. She also has moderated nearly 2,000 thousand focus groups for companies throughout the United States. PMI offers a turn-key solution for your qualitative needs by offering full research study design, help assess who your qualified respondent is, recruiting this audience, professionally preparing a moderator's guide, and personally moderating the focus group session. PMI also coordinates and oversees the location, be it an off-site research facility or at your location, and ensures recruiting efforts yields the number of qualified respondents needed to effectively conduct a focus-group. Then, our team will provide an initial "top-line" results deliverable and presentation culminating in a "final-report" and presentation to stakeholders / board shortly thereafter.

Methodologies for Prost Marketing, Inc. Qualitative Research Studies

  • Focus Groups (8 to 12 participants)
  • Mini-Focus Groups (3 to 5 participants)
  • Executive One-on-One Interviews
  • Pre-recruit Projects
  • Consumer Intercept Studies (Field Work)